Tales from Karickbridge

The Seven Sisters


Elathan, Elowyn, Isembard Ironfist, Nab'han


Brother Thomas approached Elathan and Elowyn asking them to head out to Igham to try to find Father Oswald, the village priest who had gone missing some days before.

Arriving in Igham late one winter evening, they headed straight for the village inn, the Seven Sisters where they were cordially greeted by local character Lóegaire and the somewhat antipathic innkeep Solomon Goodbeer.

Having settled down in the inn and asked a few questions, the party decided to investigate the church that evening. Finding nothing they retired for the evening. Starting afresh in the morning they found a note purporting to be from Father Oswald in the vicarage detailing where he could be found in case of need, namely in a hermitage deep in The Bleaks.

Unable to determine whether the letter was indeed from Father Oswald among the illiterate and semi-literate villagers but suspicious of the fact that no one  had found it before them, the party decided to pursue the lead anyway.

The directions turned out to be accurate, but to lead to the lair of Grot, a one-armed ogre. Having despatched a flock of aggressiv e ravens at an ancient temple, the party decided to split up – two to look after the horses, two to investigate the hermitage. However, they had been followed by one of Lóegaire's henchmen. Elathan and Elowyn found themselves cut off from their return path when a rope bridge was sabotaged. Then when Isembard and Nab'han decided to check on them, their horses were stolen as well.

Returning to a semi-deserted Igham on the day of the winter Solstice they decided to investigate Lóegaire a little more, breaking into his cottage and finding notes regarding the 'real' Seven Sisters, a group of standing stones in a cave below the church crypt that held the secret to a magical portal.

Having deciphered the secret of the runes on the stones, the party entered the portal. Lóegaire and his followers were alerted to their presence when they encountered his Shadow Hound.

After dispatching the hound and profitably investigating a couple of ancient burial chambers it was time for the final showdown with Lóegaire. Although they quickly dispatched Mael and Aedan, his henchmen, Lóegaire himself was able to escape under cover of darkness. At least they were able to spare Father Oswald an unseemly fate at the end of a sacraficial blade!


NPCs Met:

Brother Thomas, Father Oswald, Lóegaire Óengus

Places Visited:

Trefell, Igham, Axbridge, The Bleaks

Items Gained:

Amulet of Valiance

Ring of Negation (one charge per day, works on spells with SER)




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