Tales from Karickbridge

The Taking of Siandabhair

Translated from the 1983 published adventure for AD&D


Elathan, Elowyn, Isembard Ironfist, Nab’han, Dougan mac Éogan


Day 1: The Hag under the Bay

The party approach Dun Fallas with Dougan mac Éogan in order to escort Connall mac Éogan’s second daughter, Caitlin, back to Albion. Arriving at the Half-Way Inn, half way between Turso and Dun Falas, Dougan received bad news from his brother regarding the latter’s youngest daughter, Siandabhair. She had been taken by a sea hag whilst returning from making a sacrifice on the Isle of Seagulls.

Arriving in Dun Falas, the party were charged with the task of going into the sea in order to rescue Siandabhair from the hag. First they were given a special salve by Conall’s chief druid in order to help them breathe (and see) underwater.

Under water the party defeated first a group of Sahuagin and then the Hag of the Bay, who informed them that Siandabhair had been passed onto her sister, the Hag of the Lough. The Hag of the Bay was captured but managed to escape en route to the harbour.

Day 2: The Hag of the Lough

After having their wounds healed by Connall’s druid, the party set off the next day to the Lough together with Dougan. Arriving at the isle on the Lough they had difficulty getting onto the island and then when they did they were confronted by a group of bugbears.

Entering a barrow on the island they descended into an underworld (Dougan fell!). Underground they encountered another group of Sahuagin, who trapped them in the chamber below the barrow. The island then started sinking, but fortunately the druid’s water-breathing salve still worked. Fighting their way out, the party overcame the Sahuagin and found the Hag of the Lough, whom they defeated, but not before she had defeated Dougan with utter disfigurement.

Again the party was informed that Siandabhair had been passed on, this time to the Hag of the Mountain.

Day 3: The Hag of the Mountain

Using Dougan’s local knowledge and Elowyn’s magic, the party tracked the Hag of the Mountain down to her mountain lair. Warned of their arrival, the Hag withdrew into her mountain lair, leaving her 7 sons (Grimlocks) to deal with the party.

After these foul creatures had been defeated, the party entered into the witch’s retreat where they found her hiding behind her three pet dire wolves, ready to set light to a rope holding Siandabhair’s cage over a pit containing two cave bears.

Elowyn had wasted her magic by casting Darksight and promptly failing her PFR, so the party were reduced to a hard slog. Finally Dougan got a spear into the Hag and Isembard managed to crawl over a dead wolf to reach the witch, whilst Elathan excelled himself by throwing a water skin to connect with the rope, dowsing the fire. The Hag cast a Darkness spell and Elathan was taked down by a wolf.

Finally the Hag and the wolves were defeated, allowing the party to rescue Siandabhair.

Places Visited:

Turso, Dun Falas


Mac Éogan family chainmail

Significant Enemies Defeated:

Hag of the Bay (escaped!)

Hag of the Lough (killed)

Hag of the Mountains (killed)

NPCs Involved:

Dougan mac Éogan*, Connall mac Éogan
*later as PC



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