Tales from Karickbridge

Trouble at the Tournament

A tournament tale with a sting in the tail!


Elathan, Elowyn, Isembard Ironfist, Nab'han


Lord Karick is hosting this year's county tournament. As well as Baron Aldred and his son, Sir Almeric, being present, Sir Alcuin was there, brother of the late Sir Beorn.
Elathan, Isembard and Nab'han all took place in the individual combats as well as the archery competition, which Elathan won after the second heat. Flush in his victory, Elethan and Elowyn were witnesses to an assassination attempt on Sir Almeric from within Sir Alcuin's tent using a crossbow.
Entering the tent to investigate resulted in them being summarily arrested for the attempted murder of Sir Almeric. Baron Aldred threatened both of them with execution at dawn if the failed to tell him who they were working for, which of them fired the shot and where an antidote could be found for the poison that the crossbow bolt was apparently coated with.
Desperate to see their friends set free, Isembard and Nab'han set all the wheels in motion that they could. Finally they called on Dromeir, Elathan and Elowyn's father in the hope that he could do something about the situation. Whilst saying that his hands were tied, he left the dungeon keys in plain sight on the table. Isembard and Nab'han got the message and with Nab'han posing as a kitchen servant got the keys to the twins.
Breaking out at midnight, the twins overcame two guards and managed to locate the crossbow used in the assassination attempt. Rather than fight their way through the castle courtyard, they decided to try their luck with the castle dungeon. The only thing standing between them and their freedom were a bunch of acid-spitting giant centipedes and an iron grill. The first were dispatched after a couple of painful bites, the latter dissolved with the acid glands from the first.
Fortunately, although Isembard and Nab'han had not arranged where they would meet the twins should their escape attempt prove successful, Isembard had decided to lurk outside the town gates between the town wall and the jousting fields. When a rather sorry for themselves Elowyn and Elathan emerged from the river, it didn't take long for the four to be reunited.
The alarm had not yet been sounded and so it was relatively easy for the four to pass the guards into town and then track down the owner of the crossbow to an upper room in the Upper Gate Tavern using the Pursuit spell. Using a ruse to get the occupants to open the door Elowyn quickly identified the crossbow's owner, the handmaiden of Lady Claire de Delacourt, an apparently aggreived Chaubrettan noble who had a debt to settle with Baron Aldred. The party managed to pursuade her to reveal to them how an antidote to the poison on the bolt could be made. Unfortunately, the key component was a rare plant, normally only found growing on the tombs of evil kings.
Having handed the ladies over to Grimm for safekeeping whilst they tracked down the plant in Hob's Dell, the party headed first for Norham and then back into the Dell. Ignoring Madame de Delacourt's instructions that the plant could be found growing ON the grave rather than in it, they decided to enter the tomb, thus encountering the evil wraith within. After looting the tomb for all its treasures, they emerged safely despite all the evil magic the wraith could throw at them. The plant was successfully harvested. 
Before they could safely return to Karickbridge, Sir Alcuin managed to track them down at the spot where his brother had been killed a year or so earlier. Desptite being outnumbered, the party overcame Alcuin and his followers after a bitter battle that left them all nursing serious wounds.
Deciding that it would be better to leave Elowyn and Elathan in the woods outside Karickbridge rather than risk having them arrested again, Isembard and Nab'han entered the town, got the antidote made and released Madame de Delacourt. When they tried to deliver the antidote to Lord Karick, they were arrested for helping Elathan and Elowyn to escape.
Meanwhile, the twins were contacted by Madame de Delacourt  seeking a meeting with them. When they turned up, she propositioned them with help in releasing their friends in exchange for forming an alliance against Baron Aldred. When they refused, Baron Aldred revealed himself as having been behind the staged assassination attempt, which he used to discredit the party in front of his opponents whilst testing the party's loyalty. Having successfully passed the test, they are now special envoys to the Baron and have been charged with escorting Sir Almeric's new bride back from Ereworn.

NPCs Met:

Baron Aldred, Sir Almeric, Madame de Delacourt, Madelaine, Sir Alcuin (†)




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