Lady Caitlin

Second daughter of king Conall mac Éogan, ruler of Dun Falas.


Caitlin nic Éogan is the second of three sisters born to
Conall mac Éogan, the Talidd (petty-king or chieftain) of Dun Falas, a costal town in the country of Cornumbria, one of the five countries making up Ellesland.

Your father is a headstrong, proud man. When your elder sister disgraced herself by allowing herself to be seduced by an Erewornian member of your father’s court by the name of Lóegaire Óengus, she was banished to a far-off convent and no-one is even permitted to mention her name
any longer. Lóegaire Óengus would have been executed had he not escaped to neighbouring Albion.

Your younger sister, Siandabhair (pronounced Sonjavar), was always your father’s favourite and she can do no wrong in his eyes. Your mother died shortly after giving birth to her. There are rumours that your mother was not entirely human and may indeed have been a sea fairy in human form.

Recently your father has promised you in marriage to Sir Alric, the son of an Albish baron, in order to reinforce peace and trade between Cornumbria and Albion. Your uncle Dougan was sent to Albion in order to negotiate the marriage. He has recently returned with a group of heroes who will escort you to Albion.


Lady Caitlin

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