Corporal Stevens


Name: Cpl. Stevens Player: NPC XP: 10 Rank: Novice
Age: 17 Desc: Inexperienced troop leader
Alignment: neutral Gender: male Race: Human : free edge

Agility d8 Pace 6 6
Smarts d6 Parry 6 [2 +½Fighting]
Spirit d4 Toughness 8 [2 +½Vigor +3(torso)]
Strength d6 Charisma 2 [0 +2(noble)]
Vigor d6

climbing d6
fighting d8
notice d4
riding d10
shooting d6
tracking d6

Young -2 attr pts, -5 skill pts, +1 benny per session
Delusional (minor) Character suffers from grave delusions
Vow (major) Pledge to a group, deity or religion
Noble Rich; +2 charisma; Status and wealth
Rich 3x starting funds, 75k annual salary
Quick Draw draw weapon as a free action

name damage wgt cost notes
longsword str+d8 8 300

name range damage RoF shots str wgt cost notes
crossbow 15/30/60 2d6 1 - d6 10 500 AP2 reload 1 action

name areaprot armor wgt cost notes
plate corselet torso +3 25 400

name wgt cost notes

spent: 1200 of 2500
Carry: 43 lbs.
Load Limit: 0 up to 30, -1 to 60, -2 to 90, -3 to 120


Corporal Stevens

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