Dougan mac Éogan

Brother and envoy of Conall mac Éogan, a Cornumbrian chieftan


Dougan mac Éogan is the younger brother of Conall mac Éogan, a Cornumbrian chieftan. He is a warrior through and through and staunchly loyal to his brother without being blind to his faults. Dougan is the voice of reason in Conall’s court as the latter tends to be a little headstrong.

In terms of character statistics, Dougan is a 6th Rank Thane (OD2) with the following stats:

Strength: 17 Attack: 21 Magical Defence: 10
Reflexes: 14 Defence: 15
Intelligence: 14 Evasion: 6
Psychic Talent: 13 Stealth: 14
Looks: 10 Perception: 7

Health Points: 16

Crowns: 23
Florins: 96
Pennies: 1

Melee Weapons Bypass Damage Bonus
Dagger d4 3
Shortsword d8 3
Spear 1 2d41 5

Missile Weapons Bypass Damage Bonus
Dagger d3 3
Bow d6 4

Armour Factor Bonus
Chainmail 3
Shield 1/1d4

Spear+Shield combat, carouse, forage, shield wall
Shield Bash, Shield Breaker
Geas: Serve Conall


Dougan mac Éogan

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