Fairy Ring


Only responding to those with fairy blood running through their veins, this ring allows the wearer to cast a fairy glamour on a target once per day.

Once per day, the wearer can use it to cast a Fairy Glamour, a spell causing those nearby to momentarily forget what they were doing or saying or the wearer a +2 bonus to a Persuade roll.
The effect is cast with a d6 Arcane Skill (with Wild Die) and affects a Small Burst Template at a range of Smarts. Targets may resist being Shaken with a Smarts roll at -2, -4 if cast with a raise.

Whilst Shaken, the target bumbles around aimlessly as if they had completely forgotten what it is that they were supposed to be doing. If the targets are physically attacked, they will immediately come out of there reverie and respond.


Fairy Ring

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