Tales from Karickbridge

Darkness Falls

Sometimes it’s best to leave old treasures in barrows where they are…


Elathan, Elowyn, Isembard Ironfist, Nab’han


The adventure started in the ruined farmhouse outside Saxton, where the party were recovering from their encounter with Sir Alcuin. The four pieces of treasure that they retrieved from Tuannon Dur’s burial mound were exerting a certain fascination on both Isembard and Elowyn. One night, Isembard forgot to take the ring off his finger before settling down to sleep. The others became concerned when they were unable to raise him the next morning. Removing the ring had no apparent effect. At Dougan’s suggestion, the others put on the remaining artefacts.

They all woke up in the same nightmare, running in a forest from howling wolves they couldn’t really see until breaking out into a clearing together. The hounds remained in the forest whilst the party examined the skeleton of a knight huge tree at the centre of the clearing. Although the tree attacked them, they were able to retrieve a note written by the knight and a bottle of holy water as well as discovering a hole between the roots leading to an underground passage.

The passage led to a cavern populated by strange shadows that attacked the party and then a vast underground chamber containing a shadow lord wearing a diadem identical to the one that Elathan had put on to enter the dream world. Elowyn stole the diadem from the shadow lord using telekenisis and the party fled through a passage at the other end of the hall.

Emerging from the underground tunnel system, the party found themselves in foothills above a vast marsh. Descending to the edge of the marsh they were confronted with a myriad of small islands and paths. The waters appeared to be full of bones from an ancient battle that had taken place here centuries before. The party was lead through the maze by a crow to the shore of a great lake. The crow was eager that they take a boat moored to a jetty out into the lake but before they did this they spotted a hill a little way off bearing at its summit a standard. Ascending the hill they found a skeletal champion wearing bracers identical to those being worn by Nab’han. Defeating the skeleton, they took to the water, rowing out to a pair of islands, one a mere rocky outcrop sporting a tall tower, the other more substantial and having signs of an ancient fortress on top.

Stopping at the tower first we ascended the stairs to enter a chamber at the centre of which was a glowing cage housing a spectral woman. She was in posession of a ring identical to that being worn by Elowyn. All the party could extract from her was a promise to surrender the ring if they brought her the head of the lord of the realm. Not happy with this, the party enraged the woman who revealed her true nature as she tried to reach through the bars of the cage to attack them. Siezing her arm, they hacked her hand off to obtain the ring.

Descending once more to the boat the party set off for the larger island. As they approached it, they were attacked by a giant freshwater kraken. Nab’han was beaten senseless while the other party members did battle with the tentacles. Whilst trying to stabilise the boat, Elowyn spotted something shiny in the depths. Once the kraken was severely wounded it propelled the boat to the shore, crashing it on the rocks. While Nab’han was recovering, Elathan swam out to find the source of the shining that Elowyn had spotted. Whatever it was was too deep to retrieve simply, so he took a rock from the shore, loaded it onto a part of the boat wreckage and swam out again. Using the rock as a weight he was able to descend to the watery corpse of a knight. He was shocked when it gripped his arm powerfully and communicated to him that the lord of the realm, Tuannon Dur, could only be defeated using a magical chain that was wrapped around his arm. Retrieving this, Elathan returned to the shore. Nab’han appeared to have recovered from his encounter by now. When examining the chain, Elowyn felt it cutting off her access to her magic.

Ascending to the fort the party passed through the outer fort arriving at a rope bridge connecting the main island to a rocky mountain outcrop. At the other end of the bridge, they found four obsidian pillars bearing runes that Isembard was able to identify as representing morning, noon, evening and night. Behind the pillars was a cavern into the mountain. They entered this and were confronted by an illusory image of Tuannon Dur. Eventually they tracked him down to a chamber where they bested him in combat using the chain to hamper his magic and retrieved the last item, Tuannon’s torc.

Returning to the obsidian pillars, the party just managed to associate the correct items with the correct pillars thanks to some clues that Tuannon had let slip before the spectre from the tower, now released from her prison, arrived. The whole realm disolved returning the party to a natural sleep back in the ruined farmhouse.

Madelaine gave them each a brass enameled ivy brooch that would enable them to identify themselves as Baron Aldred’s agents.

Places Visited:

Tuannon Dur’s shadow realm


Tuannon’s diadem, ring, bracers and torc

Significant Enemies Defeated:

Tuannon Dur

NPCs Involved:

Madelaine, Dougan mac Éogan, brother of Cornumbrian chieftan.

Trouble at the Tournament
A tournament tale with a sting in the tail!


Elathan, Elowyn, Isembard Ironfist, Nab'han


Lord Karick is hosting this year's county tournament. As well as Baron Aldred and his son, Sir Almeric, being present, Sir Alcuin was there, brother of the late Sir Beorn.
Elathan, Isembard and Nab'han all took place in the individual combats as well as the archery competition, which Elathan won after the second heat. Flush in his victory, Elethan and Elowyn were witnesses to an assassination attempt on Sir Almeric from within Sir Alcuin's tent using a crossbow.
Entering the tent to investigate resulted in them being summarily arrested for the attempted murder of Sir Almeric. Baron Aldred threatened both of them with execution at dawn if the failed to tell him who they were working for, which of them fired the shot and where an antidote could be found for the poison that the crossbow bolt was apparently coated with.
Desperate to see their friends set free, Isembard and Nab'han set all the wheels in motion that they could. Finally they called on Dromeir, Elathan and Elowyn's father in the hope that he could do something about the situation. Whilst saying that his hands were tied, he left the dungeon keys in plain sight on the table. Isembard and Nab'han got the message and with Nab'han posing as a kitchen servant got the keys to the twins.
Breaking out at midnight, the twins overcame two guards and managed to locate the crossbow used in the assassination attempt. Rather than fight their way through the castle courtyard, they decided to try their luck with the castle dungeon. The only thing standing between them and their freedom were a bunch of acid-spitting giant centipedes and an iron grill. The first were dispatched after a couple of painful bites, the latter dissolved with the acid glands from the first.
Fortunately, although Isembard and Nab'han had not arranged where they would meet the twins should their escape attempt prove successful, Isembard had decided to lurk outside the town gates between the town wall and the jousting fields. When a rather sorry for themselves Elowyn and Elathan emerged from the river, it didn't take long for the four to be reunited.
The alarm had not yet been sounded and so it was relatively easy for the four to pass the guards into town and then track down the owner of the crossbow to an upper room in the Upper Gate Tavern using the Pursuit spell. Using a ruse to get the occupants to open the door Elowyn quickly identified the crossbow's owner, the handmaiden of Lady Claire de Delacourt, an apparently aggreived Chaubrettan noble who had a debt to settle with Baron Aldred. The party managed to pursuade her to reveal to them how an antidote to the poison on the bolt could be made. Unfortunately, the key component was a rare plant, normally only found growing on the tombs of evil kings.
Having handed the ladies over to Grimm for safekeeping whilst they tracked down the plant in Hob's Dell, the party headed first for Norham and then back into the Dell. Ignoring Madame de Delacourt's instructions that the plant could be found growing ON the grave rather than in it, they decided to enter the tomb, thus encountering the evil wraith within. After looting the tomb for all its treasures, they emerged safely despite all the evil magic the wraith could throw at them. The plant was successfully harvested. 
Before they could safely return to Karickbridge, Sir Alcuin managed to track them down at the spot where his brother had been killed a year or so earlier. Desptite being outnumbered, the party overcame Alcuin and his followers after a bitter battle that left them all nursing serious wounds.
Deciding that it would be better to leave Elowyn and Elathan in the woods outside Karickbridge rather than risk having them arrested again, Isembard and Nab'han entered the town, got the antidote made and released Madame de Delacourt. When they tried to deliver the antidote to Lord Karick, they were arrested for helping Elathan and Elowyn to escape.
Meanwhile, the twins were contacted by Madame de Delacourt  seeking a meeting with them. When they turned up, she propositioned them with help in releasing their friends in exchange for forming an alliance against Baron Aldred. When they refused, Baron Aldred revealed himself as having been behind the staged assassination attempt, which he used to discredit the party in front of his opponents whilst testing the party's loyalty. Having successfully passed the test, they are now special envoys to the Baron and have been charged with escorting Sir Almeric's new bride back from Ereworn.

NPCs Met:

Baron Aldred, Sir Almeric, Madame de Delacourt, Madelaine, Sir Alcuin (†)


The Seven Sisters


Elathan, Elowyn, Isembard Ironfist, Nab'han


Brother Thomas approached Elathan and Elowyn asking them to head out to Igham to try to find Father Oswald, the village priest who had gone missing some days before.

Arriving in Igham late one winter evening, they headed straight for the village inn, the Seven Sisters where they were cordially greeted by local character Lóegaire and the somewhat antipathic innkeep Solomon Goodbeer.

Having settled down in the inn and asked a few questions, the party decided to investigate the church that evening. Finding nothing they retired for the evening. Starting afresh in the morning they found a note purporting to be from Father Oswald in the vicarage detailing where he could be found in case of need, namely in a hermitage deep in The Bleaks.

Unable to determine whether the letter was indeed from Father Oswald among the illiterate and semi-literate villagers but suspicious of the fact that no one  had found it before them, the party decided to pursue the lead anyway.

The directions turned out to be accurate, but to lead to the lair of Grot, a one-armed ogre. Having despatched a flock of aggressiv e ravens at an ancient temple, the party decided to split up – two to look after the horses, two to investigate the hermitage. However, they had been followed by one of Lóegaire's henchmen. Elathan and Elowyn found themselves cut off from their return path when a rope bridge was sabotaged. Then when Isembard and Nab'han decided to check on them, their horses were stolen as well.

Returning to a semi-deserted Igham on the day of the winter Solstice they decided to investigate Lóegaire a little more, breaking into his cottage and finding notes regarding the 'real' Seven Sisters, a group of standing stones in a cave below the church crypt that held the secret to a magical portal.

Having deciphered the secret of the runes on the stones, the party entered the portal. Lóegaire and his followers were alerted to their presence when they encountered his Shadow Hound.

After dispatching the hound and profitably investigating a couple of ancient burial chambers it was time for the final showdown with Lóegaire. Although they quickly dispatched Mael and Aedan, his henchmen, Lóegaire himself was able to escape under cover of darkness. At least they were able to spare Father Oswald an unseemly fate at the end of a sacraficial blade!


NPCs Met:

Brother Thomas, Father Oswald, Lóegaire Óengus

Places Visited:

Trefell, Igham, Axbridge, The Bleaks

Items Gained:

Amulet of Valiance

Ring of Negation (one charge per day, works on spells with SER)


The Goblins, The Witch and The Whitecloaks
A dangerous order of fanatical knights are abroad


Elathan, Elowyn, Isembard Ironfist, Nab'han


This home-grown scenario can be downloaded from the Dragon Warriors Wiki


When somebody pounds on your door in the middle of the night when it's raining cats and dogs, you just know that something's not right.

Apparently, one of Grim Ironfist's deliveries of iron ingots had been ambushed by a small group of goblins on the road from Clyster to Karickbridge. The mercenary captain that had been guarding the delivery immediately sent off to Karickbridge for Grimm, who rounded the party up and headed off to the site of the ambush. When they got there all was quiet; the goblins had been seen off and only one of the mercenaries had been kille, though one had been injured.

Just as dawn broke, however, almost 100 goblins arrived at the scene, intent on taking the iron for their own use. Despite a brave effort, even Elathan eventually went down under the onslaught after only having defeated a handful of the evil brood. Fortunately, just as all looked lost, a patrol of knights of the Order of Crux Incindiae, led by the indomitable Sgt. de Montfort, arrived on the scene to save the day.

Once safely back in Karickbridge the party were entrusted to Alric's care for wound tending. Elowyn healed herself using her Mystic's abilities and Nab'han used his trance to heal up. As Alric had run out of healing salve, he sent Elowyn into town to the apothecary to get some more for the party. Unfortunately she also bumped into Sgt. de Montfort, who was quick to recognise that the wounds he had helped to tend had already healed. He persuaded her to attend chapel with him, where Sir Beorn's last henchman, Galan, was also attending. Galan apparently ID'd Elowyn as a magic user.

The apothecary sent Elowyn and Nah'ban off to Geret's Bottom to Sarah Herbage for more healing salve. Unfortunately she had been arrested two days previously by the Whitecloaks after they had had a tip-off from a local man with a grudge. Finding little in her house except chaos and a distraught pixie called Jem, the two returned to Karickbridge, where they learnt that the Whitecloaks were camping out near Gully's Inn.

The party decided to pay the Order a visit at Gully's Inn, arriving in the rain to find not just Sgt. de Montfort's patrol but three others as well camped out. After sending Jem in to scout around and make contact with Sarah and Treffain, they hummed and hawed about how best to create a distraction to call at least most of the soldiers away. In the end they decided that honesty was the best policy and Elathan and Isembard approached the camp asking to speak to Sgt. de Montfort, who allowed them to speak with Sarah. Once they had established that it was one of her neighbours who had ratted on her, without just cause according to her account, they received a stay of trial until they could return with the witness.

Hot-tailing it back  to Gerets Bottom they found a very uncooperative Grant Sandsedge, a man recently widowed. Sarah had been unable to save his wife from illness and in his bitterness he saw a way to get even when the Whitecloaks arrived. Asking around, they found that Sarah had been much loved in the community and she was sorely missed. Approaching Grant's sister they found a way to persuade Grant to recant his accusation.

The party duly took Grant to Gully's Inn just in time. The removal of evidence meant that Sarah was cleared of the accusations of witchcraft and she and Treffain were freed.

Grant, however, was fined 250 Florins for 'contempt of court', which the party had to cough up. Leaving the camp, Jem, with a mischeivous grin on his face, handed Elowyn the sack of coins back; he had liberated it back ;)

Sarah agreed to teach Elowyn how to make a healing salve for wounds.


NPCs Met:

Sgt. Tobias de Montfort of the Order of Crux Incindiae

Sarah Herbage, herbalist in Geret's Bottom

Jeremy (Jem) O'Cranny – one of the Wee Folk, lives in Sarah's house

Places Visited:

Karickbridge, Geret's Bottom, Gully's Inn,

Items Gained:

Promise of new plate mail to Elathan

Vallandar's swords now +1

Skills Learned:

Elowyn – make healing salve

Items Lost:


Shadow on the Mist
Canonical Adventure


Elathan, Elowyn, Isembard Ironfist, Nab'han


Shadow on the Mist is one of the original canonical Dragon Warriors adventures; a nearby lordling engages the party to retrieve a sword containing some incriminating correspondence.
The party left Karickbridge on the trail of Scunlock and his remaining two henchmen with the order to hunt down and execute. When they finally caught up with them in Helfax Woods they were under attack by a group of thorn demons. Making use of the superior numbers they first took care of Scunlock, Leof and Ham before taking on the tiny woodland creatures.
After a night recovering in Axbridge, the party was approached by Sir Beorn to track down a missing tax collector. Having sent the party off on the hunt of Harald, the party caught up with evidence of his passing into the mysterious Hob's Dell.
Hopping over the fence, they followed the path  clockwise inside the perimeter. Not fased by a tough zombie breaking through the ground by the path, they marched on to find a shiny blade lying by the side of the track. Marching on through the thick mist they dealt with a group of 12 bats that attacked them from an island in the middle of a fetid pond. Not long after this they finally came upon the body of Harald hanging in high cage. Lowering them down they found not only the sword they were sent to retrieve but its contents, a traitorous letter to Beorn's brother organising Baron Aldred's assassination at an upcoming hunt being organised by Lord Karick.
Things didn't go so well whne they came to some stepping stones across the river forming the eastern boundary of the dell. Stepping out in faith, Elathan promptly took an unplanned bath as they discovered that the stones were only illusionary. Shrugging off his expensive plate mail under water he managed to reach the bank much to the amusement of the mysterious Taliriana. Uncomfortable as her comments were, he was grateful at least that she pointed out his Sword of Vallandar lying in the shallows.
Having had enough of the dell, the group climbed back over the fence to walk back round the outside of the perimeter to the horses. They were riding along a narrow cut in quiet retrospection when they heard voices around a corner ahead. Creeping up over the edge of the ravine Nah'ban spotted Sir Beorn and two henchmen waiting for the party. He crept back down to the others and reported on what he had seen. Isembard and Elowyn presented the sword to Beor, who immediately checked the contents of the hilt. Finding it empty, he demanded that the party subject themselves to a thorough search. When Isembard refused, Beorn ordered the attack.
It didn't take too long to take out Beorn and one of his henchmen, Seeing that his chance was gone, he gave up.
To say that Lord Karick and Baron Aldred in turn were pleased with their efforts would be an understatement.

NPCs Met:


Places Visited:

Karickbridge, Gully's Inn, Igham, Axbridge.

Items Gained:

Shiny Sword (Isembard)

Items Lost:

Elathan's Armour

Grimm's Meisterwerk
Turning the tables on a blackmailer

Grimm's Meisterwerk

Isembard's uncle, Grimm, is being blackmailed by some local lowlives who stole a magical suit of armour that he made; his Meisterwerk as an apprentice allowing him to become a weaponsmith on his own.

The blackmailers are threatening to reveal that Grimm has had dealings with magic unless he paid them a regular sum.

One evening Isembard discovered a blackmail note addressed to his uncle and decided to take matters into his own hands to rescue his uncle from the situation.

Enlisting the help of Nab'han, they set a trio of urchins from the bottom end of town to watching Grimm whilst Nab'han kept his eyes open in town for any signs of organised crime.

Whilst Nab'han managed to spot a bit of protection racketeering at the market place, he couldn't work out who the king pin was. Meanwhile, one of the urchins notified Isembard that Grimm was leaving the castle under cover of dusk one night. Nab'han just managed to catch up with him as he ducked into a courtyard off Rose Hill Street.

After waiting for an hour or so, Nab'han was surprised to see Jack, one of the urchins from the Tar and Feathers appear furtively and take the small sack of coins that Grimm had deposited. Although Jack wasn't aware that he was being followed, he still managed to give Nab'han the slip through the back streets and alleyways. Giving up, Nab'han went back to his lodgings at the Tar and Feather only to arrive just in time to see Jack handing the pouch to Scunlock, one of the local roughs.

Nab'han tried to confront Scunlock on the open street only to be laughed off. After reporting the failed encounter to Isembard, he returned to his room at the tavern to find his stuff rifled through and his staff and crossbow broken.

Deciding to take the direct approach, Nab'han and Isembard jumped Scunlock and Cadman, one of his henchmen, out the back of the Tar and Feathers. Cadman fell after two blows and after a critical miss, Scunlock gave up without further fuss. 'Questioning' him down the road at an empty warehouse, he revealed that the armour was with Guildsman Goode. Having seen Cadman cut down, he was genuinely concerned for his own skin!

They left Scunlock tied up in the warehouse and came out onto the darkened streets to hear the sound of the watch being called; Cadman's body had been discovered in the privy behind the inn. Sneaking round to Crown Lane, the front door was locked. For the first time in the whole story they decided that discretion was better than valour (maybe they'd simply lost all their valour), they'd try the back door. Although this was closed as well, Nab'han managed to secure entry via a first floor window.

After scouting around downstairs, the pair of them decided to try their luck upstairs. Unfortunately a 100 kg dwarf in full mail armour and a creaky old wooden staircase don't mix well and they managed to wake Guildsman Goode, who promply came out of his bedroom to investigate what was going on.

Cutting a long story short, Isembard and Nab'han left the Goode residence with a suit of armour in tow and the Guildsman tied up in his own cellar. Waking Grimm they told him the whole story. He arranged to have the armour hidden in the cellar of the Gryffon Inn with his friend Tunny Oakstock.

In the meantime, he worked hammer and tongs (literally) to produce a 'fake' suit of mail, looking the same but without the empowered rune. After letting this armout be accidentally seen it was only a matter of time before Goode brought the accusation against him. Too bad that the armour turned out not to be magical after all. Goode ended up discrediting himself before Lord Karick.

The good thing was that Isembard got to keep the real armour and Grimm offered to help repair Nab'han's crossbow and at the same time teach Isembard a little about rune-working.

Isembard and Nah'ban eventually confessed what had happened to Elathan and Elowyn, who in turn informed their father Dromeir about the criminal gang working at the bottom end of town. Lord Karick ordered Scunlock's arrest, but when he sent a patrol down to the Tar and Feathers, he was nowhere to be found.

Breaking into the warehouse, the party found an underground passage leading to a stream where there had recently been a boat moored. When they informed Lord Karick, they were instructed to undertake a mission to hunt Scunlock down and bring him to justice. They did't catch up with him until Helfax Wood, the other side of Axbridge. They made the best of the opportunity when they found Scunlock and his associates embroiled in a battle with some strange woodland creatures. Taking out first the criminals, the party were then attacked by the thorn demons when they refusd to relinquish the coffer of silver that Scunlock had absconded with.

King Under The Forest
In search of an ancient king's tomb


Elathan, Elowyn, Isembard Ironfist, Nab'han


The canonical Dragon Warriors "The King Under the Forest" adventure. The village priest in Axbridge recruits the party to help him find Vallandar's tomb in Fenring Forest.

After excavating the tomb entrance, the five intrepid adventurers entered, encountering tapestry warriors, riddling dragons, animated stone statues, skeletons, a gorgon, a spectre and ultimately King Vallandar's shade.

Unfortunately, the only character to fail to answer a riddle and hence receive a coin from the dragon's hoard was Isembard the dwarf.

Thanks to Elathan's ingenuity, the North Wind was safely stowed in a leather sack. Unfortunately for him, dipping his (left) hand in  the acid fountain before the light curtain was not the cleverest of plans. Just as well they had some of the salve that Alric had prepared from the Falsifal roots – turns out it works as well on acid burns as fire burns.

Isembard choice of the grey liquid meant that he was immune to most attacks, but also sent him through the plank bridge after the statue. Foresight is a wonderful weapon and the rest of the party were able to haul him out to the other side using the rope that they had tied round his waist.

His toughened state enabled him to survive the drop into the pit north of the chapel without a scratch or dent and his foresight in progressing carefully along the passage by Vallandar's tomb prevented him from meeting the Gorgon's gaze. Having all four adventurers and the gorgon fight without meeting each others' eyes was entertaining – Elathan found a use for the mirrored helm after all!

Entering the tomb chamber the party was surprised by Morgrin's spectre and decided that discretion was the better part of valour, deciding to beat a hasty retreat to see whether they could find any other means of defeating the foul monster.

The seven skeletal warriors proved to be  no challenge for the party whatsoever. Opening the chest they were lucky to take the arrows first before being thrown across the room by the chest's magic. Returning to the king's tomb, Elathan, Elowyn and Nab'han decided to try to hold off Morgrin's shade whilst Isembard tried his luck with Elowyn's bow and the enchanted arrows. Three opponents turned out to be too many for the specter, who failed to land a single hit, allowing Isembard to dispatch him with three consecutive hits.

All were of course amused by the contents of the chest. Where they expected riches beyond their wildest dreams they found a silver crown, a ploughshear, a cross and a book of the law. The real treasures of Vallandar's Albion!

Elathan hastily revised his decision to take the crown as loot as he met Vallandar's stern gaze. Instead he swore fealty to the ancient king, promising to come when Albion's need brought him back from the grave.

Elowyn similarly impressed Vallandar with her sincerity, purity of heart and thirst for knowledge. She too gave her oath to come to defend Albion should she be called.

Whether Nah'ban and Isembard's oaths to Vallandar were born of a desire to serve Vallandar, greed or simple commitment to the storyline remains to be seen…

The biggest challenge turned out to be getting back across the underground river; against Bretwald's advice Elowyn had used the last charge of the wand of fire and ice trying to defeat the spectre (after the bag of wind proved to be of no use). The bag turned out to be useful as Isembard decided that he could walk across the bottom of the river with a rope round his waist, after all this was how he got over in the first place!

Leaving the tomb, the group were surprised to find snow on Fenring's floor; although it seemed that they had been in the tomb mere hours, three months had passed in Albion.

NPCs Met:

Bretwald, village priest in Axbridge.

Places Visited:

Axbridge, Saxton, Vallandar's tomb in Fenring

Items Gained:

Elathan and Elowyn both aquired Vallandar's swords.

Fiend or Friend?
Introducing a new character

Fiend or Friend?


Elathan, Elowyn, Isembard Ironfist, Nab'han


Dromeir sent the party to Pillaton whilst he takes a patrol out to deal with some goblins. Their task is to bring back a prisoner for a fair trial avoiding local lynch-justice.

Getting there, they found an irate mother, Lianne, demanding that Father Bentram released the prisoner to them in order to determine where her daughter was.

The party managed to smuggle Nab'han out of the village by distracting the villagers with an illusion. Following Father Bentram's advice, they returned to Karickbridge cross-country only to encounter the goblins that had stolen Lianne's child. Having rescued the baby, the party was nearly anhilated when the witch Alianor cast a command spell on Elathan.

Finally the witch was defeated and the baby returned to her mother.

NPCs Met:

Dromeir, Captain of the Guard at Karickbridge

Lianne, distraught mother in Pillaron

Father Bentram, village priest in Pillaton

Alianor, witch (dead?)

Places Visited:

Karickbridge, Pillaton (stayed in The Red Dragon inn), ruined fort north east of Pillaton

Items Gained:

Lianne's baby

Potion of Healing (Isembard)

In Search of Falsifal
Starter adventure

In Search of Falsifal


Elathan and Elowyn


Alric, the  castle physician in Karickbridge sent Elathan and Elowyn off in search of a fresh supply of Falsifal root in order to make a salve for healing burns. Directing the twins to an area of marsh on the edge of Fenring Forest, they first spent the night in the inn in Saxton.

The following morning, Elathan and Elowyn ventured into the forest, encountering two riddling gnomes. Taking the wrong path, they encountered and defeated Morthyr, a giant spider (who nearly defeated them with her webs). Heading into the swamp, the party successfully harvested the Falsifal roots whilst dispatching three skeletons.

On the return journey between Saxton and Karickbridge, Elathan and Elowyn rescued Brother Thomas from the brigands Tarnosh and Jerrick, whom they defeated in combat and delivered to Lord Karick. The bandits had a bounty of 150 Florins on their heads.

NPCs Met:

Alric, castle physician at Karickbridge

Brother Thomas, wandering monk and friend of Alric

Places Visited:

Karickbridge, Saxton (stayed in inn), outskirts of Fenring Forest

Items Gained:

Mystic's Circlet (add 1 to rank when making psychic fatigue roll)


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