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    Imagine a world of chivalrous knights, dangerous sorcerers and dextrous thieves, where warnings of hobgoblins at the bottom of the garden doesn't cost just the children sleepless nights and where sightings of dragons are …

  • VallandarsCalling

    Vallandar's Calling

    500 years ago, King Vallandar of Albion had a unique glimpse into the future. The True Faith had just reached Albion's shores. Albion and Fey were still very closely entwined. Vallandar saw that there were two …

  • cruxincindiae

    Crux Incindiae

    The Order of Crux Igneus (the fiery cross) is a dangerous group of soldiers whose self-appointed purpose is the eradication of sorcery in Ellesland. The Order is comprised for the most part of soldiers returned from the Crusades …