Factions in Ellesland

A list of some relevant political factions in Ellesland:


The Ivy League – Baron Aldred’s secret organisation of spies and agents. Main purpose: Serving Aldred, maintaining peace with Cornumbria, defence against Thuland to the north.

The Whitecloaks – religious order of knights mainly active in Albion and dedicated to erradicating magic.

The Selentine Church – the predominant church of Albion.


The Tallith’s Men – Cornumbrian Counterpart to Ivy League

Druid’s Circle – proponents of the Old Religion in Ellesland. Mostly peace-loving. Concerned about the spread of the True Faith and corresponding demise of the Old Religion.

Cornumbrian Church – autonomous from the Selentine church, largely monastic and more ‘open minded’ than their Albish brethrin.


The Harbingers – independent organisation for hire, active in Ereworn, Cornumbria and beyond.

Non-human Factions

Fay Factions

Seelie and Unseelie Courts

Elven Factions

Dwarven Factions

Factions in Ellesland

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