Vallandar's Calling

500 years ago, King Vallandar of Albion had a unique glimpse into the future. The True Faith had just reached Albion's shores. Albion and Fey were still very closely entwined. Vallandar saw that there were two possibilities for the future of Ellesland. Either it held onto its pagan roots and continued in its feudal structure coupled with reinforcement from the lands beyond, or it could embrace the True Faith, severing the connection to Fey. Either endorse and perpetuate the oppression of the many by the powerful or move towards a freer society where the individual was not at the whim of his superiors.

Vallandar chose the latter, knowing that the choice would be a costly one. Some of the Faerie races joined with him in his decision, recognising that this was now the Age of Man and that the time had come for Fey and Legend to go different ways, even though this would mean a loss for both, for to continue would be to see mankind increasingly in conflict with elf and dwarf. Less reasonable only saw the cost to themselves; a diminishing in power and an abandonment of traditional strongholds.

And so it came to the Goblin Wars where Vallandar and his allies banished much of goblinkind back behind the veil helping to establish the True Faith in Albion.



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