Madame de Delancourt's sneaky right hand



Att: 17 Def: 7 Ref: 14 HP: 13 AF: 2 (leather jacket)

Evasion: 6 Stealth: 22 Perception: 12 M. Att: Ø M. Def.: 7

Weapons: Sword (d8,4) / Dagger (d4,3) / Light Crossbow (d8,4)

Special Abilities:

Combat Techniques, Armour Piercing, Shock Attack, Throwing Spike (needle), Unarmed Combat

Meditational Technique, Water Trance, Darkness Trance, Light Trance


Alchemical Technique: Assassin's Lotion, Smoke Jar, Flash Pellets, 70%

Pick Lock: (1) 30%

Climbing: (1) +2


Madelaine is Lady de Delancourt's lady-in-waiting and an accomplished assassin. The best description of her appearance and character is that of a brown mouse – she is non-descript, shy, retiring with instantly forgettable features. Madelaine is absolutely loyal to her mistress and serves her discretely in all things.


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