Tales from Karickbridge is a partly home-written, partly canonical campaign played using the Dragon Warriors rules* and game setting in the Dragon Warriors realm of Legend.

The main characters, Elathan, an aspiring knight, and Elowyn, a budding mystic are twin son and daughter of the captain of the guard in Karickbridge, Albion.

So far they have successfully completed two quests; the first to find the root of the fabled Falsifal plant to help the castle physician Alric to make a burn-healing salve ("In search of Falsifal"), the second to rescue a strange prisoner from lynch-mob justice and bring him before the Lord's court ("Fiend or Friend?").

The land of Legend corresponds approximately to medieval Europe, with Albion approximating England. Magic is scarce and is viewed as being deeply suspicious, particularly by the church.

Those seeking adventure in colder, kilt-bearing climes should head over to Thuland.

*N.B. as of April 2011 we have started the process of moving to a customised Savage Worlds rule system instead of Dragon Warriors. The setting remains.

Tales from Karickbridge