Tales from Karickbridge

The Six Huws

Getting to grips with Savage Legend


Elathan, Elowyn, Isembard Ironfist, Nab'han


Siandabhair has been rescued. Elowyn and Isembard set to healing Elathan and Nab’han’s wounds before returning to a heroes’ welcome in Dun Falas.

Conall mac Éogan rewarded the PCs with a holy shield, magical chainmail, ring of leaping and rune stone. He also appointed a six-man honour guard to help the party escort Caitlin to her new husband in Albion.

The Six Huws challenged the party to two mock battles, which the party dominated despite some new tactics. Finally, the ten of them had to take care of a giant that was terrorising a nearby village.

NPCs Met:

Connal mac Éogan

Places Visited:

Dun Falas

Items Gained:

Elathan: Shield of St. Cathal; Saint’s bone in pommel grants +2 Parry versus Evil opponents (undead, demons etc.)

Elowyn: Offers her the mac Éogan armour

Nab’han: Ring of the Leaping Salmon – avoidance ring; +2

Isembard: Rune Stone



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