Tales from Karickbridge

Bitter is the Bark Part I


Elathan, Elowyn, Isembard Ironfist, Nab’han, Kelun, Lady Caitlin

Game Date

20th-21st Eath-monath 995 AS


Arrived at river, attacked by two wyverns. Caitlin fled and was mauled by werewolf.
Took Caitlin back to St. Columba. Whilst recuperating went to St. Avaloc. Monks there very uncooperative.
Headed down to Laire. No sign of more recent prints.
Back at the monastery, they discovered that Caitlin had been infected with lycanthropy.
The monks found a possible cure in the library, involving quicksilver, wolfsbane and blood of the werewolf that bit her whilst in human form.
They tracked down the werewolf to a cabin where she lived with her grandma. Grandma was killed, the werewolf subdued and in the morning blood was duly collected.

NPCs Met

Abott Rhys, Aedon Mordalech, Badan

Places Visited

St. Columba, Clwyd river, Werewolf Lair

Items Gained

Blood of Red Riding Hood



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