Tales from Karickbridge

On The Road Part I

Trouble at t'Inn


Elathan, Elowyn, Isembard Ironfist, Nab’han, Kelun, Lady Caitlin

Game Date

7th Eath-monath 995 AS (approx. 2 weeks before longest day)


The party has finally left Dun Falas on the road back to Baron Aldred. They have been joined by the mysterious Kelun who was introduced to them as an additional protector for Lady Caitlin.

Passing the Lough where they dispatched the second of the three hags who had abducted Siandabhair they were accosted by a little gnome who had the following from the 1st hag for Lady Caitlin:

“Cursed are you, daughter of mac Éogan,
Cursed are you to never marry,
The bark of the yew will be bitter.

The boar will die by the boar,
Ellesland will be consumed by a white tide,
And blood will flow."

Following this unsettling prediction the party carried on to the Halfway Inn. There they came across an inquisitive travelling bard, a merchant, a nervous innkeep, some boisterous locals and a drunk mendicant. The innkeep’s nervousness was down to the fact that the inn was being plagued by a group of Fir Darrig, wee folk of the unseelie court.

The nature of the plague cost the party much sleep due to nocturnal goings on in the inn and stables. Now the party have left the inn the next morning in order to pursue the thieving little
oiks to retrieve a chest that was stolen from the merchant.

NPCs Met

See above

Places Visited

Dun Falas, Halfway Inn

Items Gained




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