Tales from Karickbridge

Murder most Foul


Elathan, Elowyn, Isembard Ironfist, Nab’han

Game Date

18th-19th Eath-monath 995 AS (approx. 2 weeks before longest day)


The party went down to Lodd to investigate a mysterious murder. One of the villagers had been killed just outside the village; he had deep scratches in his chest but his clothes were intact. They managed to partially track the creature that had carried out the deed, but then lost the trail.
Standing guard in the village later that night, there was a second death. This time they were able to find the murderer, a demon. The party defeated the demon and were able to track it down to where it been summoned.
There they found Lóegaire’s diary, detailing how he had obtained a book of vast power, the Demonicon.

NPCs Met

Nameless publican and priest in Lodd

Places Visited

St. Columba, Lodd, Lóegaire’s hideout

Items Gained

Lóegaire’s Diary



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