Tales from Karickbridge

Trouble in Turso


Elathan, Elowyn, Isembard Ironfist, Nab’han, Kelun, Lady Caitlin

Game Date

13th Eath-monath 995 AS (approx. 2 weeks before longest day)


After defeating the Fir Darrig at the Half Way Inn, the party moved on to Turso. Although they tried to enter the town incognito, they were recognised and invited to an audience with Lord Tarlech, who strongly recommended that they give Urlech a wide birth. Leaving town the next day they were accosted by a strange vendor, who sold a fairy ring to Lady Caitlin.

Elathan, Elowyn and Kelun had all had strange dreams, Elowyn of a book being stolen from a monastery, Elathan of a running battle between their old friend Lóegaire and the Whitecloaks and Kelun of a mysterious danger entering the land.

The next day as they left Turso they came across the sign of a battle, a field that Elathan recognised from his dream. Shortly afterwards they came upon a Whitecloak field lazarette led by Corporal Stevens as Captain de Montforte had been badly wounded in the battle.

Elowyn divined that de Montforte’s injuries were the result of dark magic which was resistant to Kelun’s healing attempts. The soldiers asked the party to take de Montforte to the monastery of St. Columba, where it was known that a skilled physician resided.

Kelun decided that the ‘dark power’ residing in de Montforte’s wounds represented a threat and decided to enlist Nab’han’s aid in poisoning him. In his weak state, de Montforte succumbed to the poison and was buried.

The adventure ended in St. Columba monastery, where the party stopped for the night.

NPCs Met

Lord Tarlech, Cadfan Tarlech, Strange market seller, Abbot Rhys

Places Visited

Turso, Whitecloak field lazarette, St. Columba

Items Gained

Fairy Ring



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